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GPU-Z 0.2.5 disponible !.

GPU-Z, le logiciel de contrôle de cartes graphiques, revient dans sa version 0.2.5.
Dans l’ensemble, le support du RV770 est amélioré.

* Fixed BIOS Reading on HD 4870. Please do not flash non-128K BIOSes to GDDR5 cards
* Fixed GDDR5 bandwidth calculation
* Fixed texture fillrate on RV770 and RV730
* Added three extra on-die temperature sensors to RV770 monitoring
* Removed states.dmp file creation
* Fixed GPU activity readings on RV770
* Changed devices list order to be more intuitive (by bus number now)
* Added Shared Memory support, see the forum for more info
* Fixed more 190°C PCB readings on NVIDIA
* Catalyst Beta versions no longer displayed as version 2.2
* Fixed sensor graph overflow
* Sensor graphs will try to autoscale now
* Fixed RV505 process size
* Fixed memory bus width reading on some ATI RS300
* Fixed rare crash when reading NVIDIA sensors
* Fixed GDDR3 detection for G71

Cliquez ici pour télécharger GPU-Z 0.2.5.

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